Enunciated [verb]

Definition of Enunciated:

speak clearly

Synonyms of Enunciated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enunciated:

Sentence/Example of Enunciated:

Mr. George enunciated these high-sounding words in a pompous and theatrical manner, which made Rollo laugh very heartily.

Her accent was distinctly foreign, yet every word was so plainly enunciated that it was easy to understand her.

But neither Joseph nor Potiphar could by any possibility have heard of the laws enunciated on Sinai.

The principles enunciated therein are those that dominated the advertising field until quite recently.

Those which they describe are those that ended in some definite creations, such as the hydrostatic law enunciated by Archimedes.

A favourite principle continually enunciated at the present day is that the persons chiefly concerned should have the management.

And then, having enunciated this excellent opinion with much energy, he took a long pull at his brandy and water.

That is so self-evident that one would almost suppose that it might be understood without being enunciated.

The Neo-Platonic emanation theory is clearly enunciated in Hillel's definition.

And turning to the cart for another armful, “according to the mode in which the action is enunciated.”