Enunciates [verb]

Definition of Enunciates:

speak clearly

Synonyms of Enunciates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enunciates:

Sentence/Example of Enunciates:

A woman known for her mastery of languages now struggled to enunciate each syllable.

Brems said she is using a clear mask her district provided, and she has become accustomed to gesturing, enunciating and projecting her voice more than usual.

And it seems to me that I never go to bed without seeing a face on the dark trying to enunciate: 'What for?'

They do not enunciate a new truth, but they insist upon one which is not sufficiently recognised.

"I—I do not know," said Marishka painfully struggling to make her lips enunciate.

She is taught to enunciate clearly and to speak courteously and agreeably.

The pianist must likewise make himself understood; he therefore must enunciate clearly.

I feel like a humbug whenever I endeavor to enunciate moral truths, because I am at bottom so skeptical.

When we say God is Being enclosed in itself, we enunciate a proposition which isbound to a development which we await.

Nevertheless they possess much range of expression and several species learn to enunciate words with more or less ease.