Envelops [verb]

Definition of Envelops:

encase, hide

Synonyms of Envelops:

Opposite/Antonyms of Envelops:

Sentence/Example of Envelops:

The long axis of the hip-roof crystal is often so shortened that it resembles the envelop crystal of calcium oxalate.

The shell is thick, and is surrounded by an uneven gelatinous envelop which is often stained with bile.

I long for the precious embrace to surround me, to envelop me, to pour its soft balm into my aching soul.

They were great rolling clouds that seemed to envelop the entire universe with their vibrance.

The night wears on: darkness and fog envelop Paris more and more.

A sheet just large enough to envelop the body is then wrung out of cold water and spread out over the woolen blankets.

They seemed less to stand off and inspect him, than to reach out and envelop him, bringing him within their substance.

As the German opened the envelop and set aside letter after letter, he talked on in his disconnected way.

Geo flung his eyes up and tried in one moment to envelop whatever he saw, whatever it would be.

Fearing that he would envelop us and capture the camp and transportation, I determined to take the offensive.