Envied [verb]

Definition of Envied:

be jealous of another

Synonyms of Envied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Envied:

Sentence/Example of Envied:

New England, the franchise he called home for 20 seasons, had to watch in envy as Brady triumphed with a new squad.

Spending long periods passively scrolling through social media, for example, is linked to greater feelings of envy and loneliness, and a higher risk of depression.

The truth is, as with many instances of envy, this strain of green-eyed monster is born of inequity.

Tinkle, the aspiring wildlands firefighter with the Brown degree, said people often react to her story by expressing envy for her less conventional route to a job.

This sparked some envy among the locals, and Friedman started getting requests from neighbors to use his closed-off personal shed.

I mean, at an early age, to be honest, I felt a lot of envy towards myself.

We never see such horrors now; and I actually envied Pit Town the possession of that picture.

If Wee Willie Winkie took an interest in anyone, the fortunate man was envied alike by the mess and the rank and file.

He sang bravura airs with a facility of vocalisation any prima donna might have envied.

She had seen no married happiness that she envied, even where there was a fine measure of love and philosophy.