Environmental [adjective]

Definition of Environmental:

tangible, material

Synonyms of Environmental:

Opposite/Antonyms of Environmental:

Sentence/Example of Environmental:

They’re happening in airports, in schools, and increasingly in retail environments like shops and restaurants.

The extended phenotype doesn’t just extend into the environment and into the minds of other species but, importantly, into the minds of members of the same species.

The goal, says Seager, was to help “plug a hole” in thinking about this environment.

They may warn about chemicals in your food, house, clothes or environment.

However, if everything about your environment stays static, there’s a strong likelihood that your good intentions won’t manifest into new behaviors.

It’s not just about hiring the right sorts of people, of course, and making sure to maintain the right sort of environment.

While most media companies are grappling with the differences in revenue between in-person and digital events, many see opportunities in the ability to track and measure what happens in a digital environment.

If somebody is positive, they’ve got to be pulled out of that environment so they’re not spreading the virus.

Shoppable media plugs massive leaks in the consumer journeyIn-app shoppable environments are an opportunity to minimize the heavy yield loss otherwise incurred at every stage along the decision journey.

Such low interest rates mean more pressure on the housing market and an economic environment where yield is hard to come by in many asset classes.