Environs [noun]

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The environs are pretty, with Magtan Island (on which Maghallanes was killed) in front and a range of hills in the background.

About an hour and a halfʼs drive from Cebú City there is the little town of Naga, the environs of which are extremely pretty.

I agreed, and had five days left, which I determined to spend in carefully examining Valparaiso and its environs.

There is nothing further to be seen in the town, but the environs, or rather the whole island, offers the most enchanting sight.

A few months ago an amiable Scotchman offered me his hospitality in the environs of Edinburgh.

We reached the environs of Cincinnati about ten o'clock at night, and were not clear of them until after daybreak.

I had again occasion to observe, how much the environs of Paris differed from those of London.

Nothing can be more delightful than the environs of Angers, whether for those who walk or ride.

We remained there two days, and employed nearly the whole of the time in walks over the city and environs.

Upon the whole, Aix is most delightfully situated, and the environs are beyond conception rural and beautiful.