Envisaged [verb]

Definition of Envisaged:

picture in one's mind

Synonyms of Envisaged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Envisaged:


Sentence/Example of Envisaged:

He envisaged the possibility of a vanquished and dismembered France.

Aaron, having no pencil, traced with a greasy finger on the tile floor the outlines of the barn and farmhouse he envisaged.

Stars below the sixteenth magnitude were not, were not in her world, she envisaged her twenty-four millions of subjects.

Once more I stood upon that rock-envisaged coast, while below me the yeasty sea charged with a roar the echoing caves.

What she saw was only the actual of what she had already envisaged—Denny, either dead or badly hurt!

He envisaged a future free of pool hall smells and the glandular malfunctioning of his predator owner.

These two parts or aspects of life may be named and envisaged in a hundred different ways.

In them, he envisaged only the faults of actual societies; now, he is concerned with the possibility of a rational society.

They envisaged life as a battle against the passions, in which the latter had to be completely annihilated.

So those are the blessings arising out of the thing which my reasonable human foresight envisaged as disaster.