Envisioned [verb]

Definition of Envisioned:

picture in one's mind

Synonyms of Envisioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Envisioned:


Sentence/Example of Envisioned:

Sometimes, he asked others to read him the plays so he could envision hearing them in the huddle.

Given how wide-reaching and long-lasting the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be, we couldn’t possibly have predicted or envisioned the circumstances we now find ourselves in.

The Colts finally have the defensive monster that Pagano envisioned.

Its resemblance to a soap opera is more pronounced, but there's no denying that viewers could never find a soap opera that is better made, better acted or more richly envisioned.

I envisioned a box that her brother could sit down at the table and open.

Pretty cool to envision such an eruption — for a trick shot before the competition even starts.

When Reese committed, he said Maryland coaches envision him taking on a role similar to that of Smith, the 6-foot-10 forward who declared for the NBA draft this offseason.

Paul Clarke, Ocado’s chief technology officer, has said he envisions the company eventually moving to completely “dark” fulfillment centers—ones that would be fully automated and employ virtually no people.

The designers of the penalty system envisioned it as a way to neutralize the economic benefit hospitals get from readmitted patients under Medicare’s fee-for-service payment model, as they are otherwise paid for two stays instead of just one.

This has definitely been a very challenging year to launch and not what anyone has envisioned for 2020.