Envisioning [verb]

Definition of Envisioning:

picture in one's mind

Synonyms of Envisioning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Envisioning:


Sentence/Example of Envisioning:

I envisioned putting little surprises inside for him to find, like a new baseball cap or a pair of socks.

There were no models for democracy on the scale they envisioned.

They looked beyond the disruption of the coronavirus — which in March started forcing the cancellation or postponement of competition — and envisioned an epic comeback.

While the study of hurricanes with tree rings is still quite novel, Valerie Trouet, a tree ring scientist at the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona, envisions this work potentially strengthening climate modeling.

I envision that She Votes will turn a focus on amplifying those voices and empowering women through various different channels.

Submitted by Neil Reindel, the idea envisions rectangular blocks large enough to seat a party of two spaced out down a street’s parking lane.

With the changes to Threads, one has to wonder if Facebook is now envisioning the standalone chat app as another potential entry point into its larger messaging platform.

As always, the plan envisioned funding that payment through debt.

KKR brought her in, and John Park, the lead investor on the deal, envisions Quarles overseeing “bigger and bolder deals.”

At first, Abovitz envisioned some sort of media venture, a film, perhaps, or a game.