Envying [noun]

Definition of Envying:


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Sentence/Example of Envying:

Attempts to promote new fashions, harness the “propulsive power of envy,” and boost sales multiplied in Britain in the late 18th century.

“We are committed to making our rail operations control center a safety standard-bearer and envy of the transit industry,” Wiedefeld said.

Disney has experimented with the premium digital release of “Mulan” and the upcoming Pixar release “Soul,” but its box-office might has been the envy of Hollywood.

Find people to spend your life with who have similar money views as you and it will save you a lot of unnecessary stress, envy and wasteful spending.

Seeing a new group arrive from the city, with all their toes intact, shiny hair, “fat and delicious-looking,” Agnes drools—maybe with envy, maybe because they so appetizingly resemble healthy livestock in her world of jerky and morning mush.

It is then we make him our friend, which sets us above the envy and contempt of wicked men.

Consult not with him that layeth a snare for thee, and hide thy counsel from them that envy thee.

She expatiated on his father's character; on the envy of his rivals; and dated his fall to their ambition alone.

She had a graceful figure, and the slender foot below her white piqué skirt was at once the envy and admiration of Aix-les-Bains.

Like his father, he had to bear all that Spanish envy and Spanish malignity could inflict.