Enwrap [verb]

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The first thing that is formed is the amnios; the next the chorion; and they enwrap the seed round like a curtain.

The flaming candlewood licked the resinous logs, and soon the smoke and flames began to enwrap the corpse.

This phylactery, itself "medicine," may be employed to enwrap other "medicine" and thus augment its own potentiality.

She did not quibble or seek to enwrap the main issue in specious excuses or apologies for her position.

Stormclouds enwrap the day, and rainy gloom blots out the sky; out of the clouds bursts fire fast upon fire.

First the monk is carried aloft through flames which enwrap the world.

On the day of Mr. Palford's departure a thick fog had descended and seemed to enwrap the world in the white wool.

So skilfully did he enwrap himself in a spider's web of lies that it was impossible to catch a clear glimpse of him through it.

Shadows weaved before the windows, while the flames seemed to reach out and enwrap every portion of the upper floor.

For the sensualist carries his miseries pick-a-back, and round his feet is wound the shroud that shall soon enwrap him.