Epic [noun]

Definition of Epic:

long story

Synonyms of Epic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Epic:

Sentence/Example of Epic:

Director Amma Asante and a knockout ensemble cast led by Gugu Mbatha-Raw tackled complex themes of race, class and gender and tell a moving story that combines intimate details and epic historical sweep.

I wrote an epic cover story that detailed the many perks of being a Googler.

Despite an epic global pandemic and an unprecedented reckoning with systemic racism, AB 5 is still in the running for the biggest story in Sacramento.

Over the millennium and a half since the sixth-century ballad was first recorded, Mulan has been the star of plays, of prose epics, of silent movies and children’s picture books and operas and Communist propaganda films.

Childs, who has been pacing himself as the series progresses, explains that his approach to a series like The Crown, which he compares to an “epic novel,” has to differ from how he treats a two-hour feature film.

While Epic is living up to its name, putting up an epic fight, WordPress reached a more amicable conclusion.

They’re the opposite of the shooting stars that are awarded huge valuations compared to their net worth or earnings, meaning investors are counting on epic performance in the years ahead that far exceeds today’s sales and profits.

Poor Nick Clegg, a politician by training, was subjected to an epic “ratioing” when he averred Facebook does not profit from hate.

Start by turning your epic blogs into different, small pieces of videos in an interesting way and re-purpose all your insightful text content into videos.

Chapelaine celebrated her in 12 times 1200 verses; Southey has made her the subject of an epic, and Schiller of a tragedy.