Epical [adjective]

Definition of Epical:

with rhythm and beauty; related to poetic composition

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Sentence/Example of Epical:

The Celtic nations stand almost alone in this, that they did not employ poetry for epical narrative.

In these careful discriminations of character we see a non-epical trait, and of necessity therefore, a non-Icelandic trait.

This poem has often been called an epic, and certainly there are many epical characteristics in it.

In King John the lyrical, epical, satirical and pathetic chords are all present, if they are scarcely harmonized.

This is to say that Draytons genius was naturally not so much epical as lyrical and descriptive.

The volume of this quasi-epical verse, existing in its three groups, or cycles, is immense.

But for them also, the objects of popular bhakti, Ram and Krishna, are as much epical as religious heroes.

In the Mass we have a dramatic action pantomimically presented, in part aided by lyrical and epical elements.

But as a poem may have lyrical qualities without being a lyric, so a poem may have epical qualities without being an epic.

He differs from the heroic-comic poet chiefly in this, that he does not array himself in the epical panoply.