Epicene [adjective]

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In English grammar there are no true epicene nouns, but the term is sometimes used instead of common gender.

The latest development of the impulses which animate the epicene sex has taken its expression in after-dinner oratory.

This seemed to him an odd way to look at things, and he boggled over a phrase about an "epicene lily."

What's the meaning of this; and what, may I ask, is the intention of this—this epicene attire?

He was a great contrast to the epicene bird-like creature who had lorded it over the civic fortunes of Valladolid.

But he was rather too much given to dally about voluptuous subjects with a sort of chuckling epicene triviality.

But a liberal-minded public grew more and more in favor of epicene colleges.

His beautiful epicene face, his boyish figure, his unearthly sensitiveness, haunt us as we read his lines.

To this abnormal condition the learned have applied the adjectives epicene, androgynous, hermaphrodite, arrenothele.

Sentiment is the ultima ratio feminarum, and of men whose natures are of the epicene gender.