Epics [noun]

Definition of Epics:

long story

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Sentence/Example of Epics:

An epic poem in sixteen cantos, Coln , is no more successful than modern epics usually are.

They performed mighty epics of work down there in the darkness amid the rumbling, falling roof.

We must first ask to what manner of audiences did the poets sing, in the alleged four centuries of the evolution of the Epics.

The whole situation, we shall show, recurs again and again in the epics of feudal France, the later epics of feudal discontent.

In the mediaeval epics, as in Homer, there is no idea of recourse to a duel between the Over-Lord and his peer.

The French national epics, like those of the Achaeans, deal mainly with legends of a long past legendary age.

The oldest French texts of their epics are small volumes, each page containing some thirty lines in one column.

Passing to the Middle Ages, shall we compare the epics of the twelfth century, the comic and the morality plays?

Great epics have always been more or less of this character—only the construction has been of the past, not of the future.

Was not the "Cypria" celebrated among the epics of antiquity, a precursor to the Iliad itself?