Epicures [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Epicures:

It does not contain great pieces, but tit-bits of pictures, such as suit an aristocratic epicure.

Much as I abhor the title of an epicure, on the other hand I feel proud of the title of genuine Epicurean.

There is a great deal of very cheap food, which an epicure might desire, but which the poor have never been taught to prepare.

True that their cooking is of the rudest and simplest, and their taste not so fastidious as that of an European epicure!

Such delights an epicure might have grudged us, but no epicure ever brought the sharp tooth shared by us three.

To this he is as partial as any European epicure, and in angling his skill and dexterity are not unworthy of an Izaak Walton.

As far as social ethics were concerned Eustacia approached the savage state, though in emotion she was all the while an epicure.

I remember the time when, for a woman, I was almost an epicure, and now I can swallow Mohammed's dinners with positive relish.

They come from the mountains plump and fat, and as soon as the shooting season is open prove quite acceptable to the epicure.

Sir Thomas was a rapid little man, and quite an epicure in the use of that luscious monosyllable.