Epidermis [noun]

Definition of Epidermis:

animal fur

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Sentence/Example of Epidermis:

Of these coats he rightly supposes the outermost to be merely the epidermis of the middle membrane or testa.

Dry is the epidermis,A vein no longer bleeds— And the communis vermisUpon the warrior feeds.

Guapo had made the hammocks, having woven the cords out of the epidermis of the leaf of a noble palm, called “tucum.”

The lining of the stomach now forms the outer skin, and the former epidermis constitutes the lining of the stomach.

This acid tinges the skin of a yellow colour, which does not disappear till the epidermis be changed.

Great blisters had collected under the epidermis, which broke from time to time, a brownish red fluid escaping.

The variety crista has the ridges of the epidermis drawn into points, and is beautiful when seen by a magnifying glass.

The ancient anatomists, it appears, recognised only two parts of the skin—the true skin, and the outer cuticle or epidermis.

The inner one, the mucous layer of the epidermis and the nervous part of the brain and spinal cord.

In the tail region at this stage three distinct strata may be recognized in the epidermis.