Epigrams [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Epigrams:

"And she would sacrifice Him and all his archangels to an epigram," thought Isabel, who was somewhat shocked.

"I wonder if she has ever tried to condense rudeness into an epigram," said Isabel viciously, pausing in her narrative.

Page after page—full of caustic satire, humorous sally and profound epigram—fairly bristles with merriment.

One should delight in truth; I do delight in epigram; there seems little chance for choice here.

Then he smiled grimly, thinking of Voltaire's cruel epigram—that "letters addressed to posterity seldom reach their destination!"

Paragraphs sometimes close with a shorter statement of the proposition, a sort of aphorism or epigram.

A war is undertaken for an epigram or a distich, as in Europe for a duchy.

I asked him to be more explicit, and he amplified his epigram into: "Pekingese."

If he had but the gift of epigram he might escape from his tormentors.

Yet he deserved the stinging epigram which Goldoni uttered on his character: "A smile upon his lips and venom in his heart."