Epigraphs [noun]

Definition of Epigraphs:

brief description in document

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Sentence/Example of Epigraphs:

The verse you chose as an epigraph is altogether beneath criticism.

It bears this Epigraph, "Ecce Ego admirationem faciam populo huic, miraculo grandi et stupendo."

Fortunately they possessed Dumouchel's work on mnemonics, a duodecimo in boards with this epigraph: "To instruct while amusing."

When there is no epigraph upon which to depend the most skilful archæologist may here make mistakes.

A fact that is of botanic interest is to be met with here in the epigraph below the organ to Francesco Calceolari.

It would give wide latitude to a witty remark, which has become proverbial, to make it the epigraph of these memoirs.

It bore this epigraph: Qui male agit odit lucem, which he translated thus: Only rogues fear the light.

In the same chapel is shown an arm of Titus Livius, with this epigraph.

Its coins represent Hercules contending with the lion, and bear the epigraph ΗΡΑ or ΗΡΑΚΛΗΙΩΝ.

The epigraph on the coins of this city is generally ΜΕΣΜΑ, or ΜΕΣΜΑΙΩΝ, and in a single instance ΜΕΔΑΜΑ.