Epilepsy [noun]

Definition of Epilepsy:

muscle spasm

Synonyms of Epilepsy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Epilepsy:

Sentence/Example of Epilepsy:

The condition can be present at birth, but people can develop epilepsy over the course of their lifetime, as Ruppert did.

Under this law, private companies have been able to bring patients hundreds of treatments—including the epilepsy drug Lyrica, the ovarian and breast cancer therapy Taxol, and the multiple sclerosis medication Tcelna.

I’ve made an application to self-quarantine on the basis of epilepsy.

However, looking ahead, the study is a sure-footed step towards transforming a powerful research technology into a clinical therapy that could potentially help people with neurological problems, such as depression or epilepsy.

The heart of Mo-DBRS’s brain recording and stimulation setup is a medical device called NeuroPace, which is often implanted inside the skull to help epilepsy patients control their seizures.

For the brain, VNS is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for various conditions, including epilepsy and depression that hasn’t responded to normal pharmaceutical treatments.

Results from the challenge, when further explored, could potentially revolutionize epilepsy monitoring for patients at home.

This indicates that cases of epilepsy comparatively rarely come under observation after the age of forty.

No family history of epilepsy, insanity, nervous or other hereditary disorders in 59 per cent.

The clinical aspects of epilepsy are especially difficult to investigate with exactitude.