Epilogue [noun]

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Then, an epilogue reveals that it’s unclear whether Spears herself received the requests for her participation.

By the epilogue they are ferrying high-profile figures like Prince Albert of Monaco to the bottom of the Mediterranean with a matter-of-factness that would have seemed highly improbable, if not entirely impossible, just 10 chapters earlier.

My departure to true freedom, just seven months ago, has coincided with the epilogue of the presidential election in the United States, in which I still do not have the right to participate.

May this new edition help in the fulfillment of the great purpose which the Gospel epilogue expresses.

The little girle is come to act very prettily, and spoke the epilogue most admirably.

His introduction (‘An Apologue for an Epilogue’) is full of such outrageous nonsense as to suggest suspicion of his sanity.

The epilogue contains an unmeasured invective against these three "vassal slaves of servile Rome."

The epilogue as a literary species is almost entirely confined to England, and it does not occur in the earliest English plays.

He employed the epilogue for two purposes, either to assert the merit of the play or to deprecate censure of its defects.

The history of Etruscan and Roman art will be its natural and necessary epilogue.