Epiphanies [noun]

Definition of Epiphanies:

disclosure, telling

Opposite/Antonyms of Epiphanies:

Sentence/Example of Epiphanies:

But all the same Heliodorus motivates his plot by this popular belief in dreams and epiphanies.

Among all these usual features of the plot a new importance is given to dreams and epiphanies.

The epiphanies, however, which are vitally significant for the plot all foretell the final fortunes of the hero and the heroine.

In the Epiphanies at Eleusis the doctrine disclosed was demonstrative of that conception.

The nature of the spiritual agency present on any occasion may be ascertained from his manifestations or epiphanies.

Having lost the living tradition, he sees neither the ritual origin nor the dramatic value of these divine epiphanies.

Hence it is often called the Feast of Epiphanies (in the plural).