Episcopacy [noun]

Definition of Episcopacy:

jurisdiction of bishop

Synonyms of Episcopacy:

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Sentence/Example of Episcopacy:

John Penry, an English controversial writer, executed for heresy against the episcopacy.

In the summer season Bishop Cautin inhabited a villa situated not far from the city of Clermont, the seat of his episcopacy.

Apart altogether, however, from the question of orders, episcopacy represents a very special conception of the Christian Church.

Episcopacy, as it had existed, had few supporters in England outside the ranks of the bishops.

They were met by open rebellion on the part of the Prussian episcopacy.

While he maintained the puritan doctrines as a whole, the special point of his attack was the Episcopacy.

Owing to the conditions of society and of the episcopacy, the cloister then was chief patron of art.

Charles refused to call Episcopacy unlawful, or to rescind the old Acts establishing it.

He would have imposed an Athenian democracy upon a people trained in the traditions of monarchy and episcopacy.

We were conducted to see St. Andrew, our oldest university, and the seat of our primate in the days of episcopacy.