Episcopate [noun]

Definition of Episcopate:

jurisdiction of bishop

Synonyms of Episcopate:

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Sentence/Example of Episcopate:

After a years episcopate he was first banished and then beheaded under Gallus, a worthy successor in persecution of Decius.

One condition, however, they laid down as absolutely indispensable‚ÄĒthe restoration of a legitimate episcopate.

One result of an hereditary Episcopate is that the bishop is often absurdly young in years.

His epitaph says that during his episcopate he kept "nobyl Houshold wyth grete Hospitality."

The government however was far from quailing before the division of the episcopate.

A new episcopate, drawn from the Calvinistic refugees, was being gathered round Matthew Parker.

Bancroft, who followed him, was as earnest in enforcing his anti-Calvinistic dogma of the divine right of the episcopate.

It was an act of Caesarism which tended to reduce the whole episcopate to the entire will of the State.

In his brief he spoke in the highest terms of the Spanish episcopate, and of the piety and heroic devotion of the priesthood.

They believed that he represented an episcopate which had come down as an office of the Church from the earliest Christian days.