Episodic [adjective]

Definition of Episodic:

intermittent; composed of several tales

Synonyms of Episodic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Episodic:

Sentence/Example of Episodic:

Question: How far a Historical Novel should be wholly episodic?

Some of the episodic characters are amusing, I do believe; others not, I suppose.

Up to the present her loves, like her friendships, had been entirely episodic.

Thus encouraged, he was now quite determined to give Mr. Seven Sachs a brief episodic account of his career.

The possibilities of episodic love have been hotly explored, its rights have been defended, its spiritual joys have been sung.

These episodic passages also, Schcking supposes, may have been added by the same reviser who added the Return.

In this drama the war and the peace are episodic, not of the centre; the historic scene is used as a foil and a background.

The sum of his episodic rambling on Brian's tongue was appalling.

As he grew a little older, Ornstein's nature probably began to demand other forms beside these smaller, more episodic ones.

In our epitome we have followed the central thread of a story which has innumerable episodic extensions.