Epistles [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Epistles:

Ripperda accompanied this unexpected refusal, with a laboured epistle to his imperial friend.

Enclosed within this long epistle was a brief note from Mariamne.

Without a word the sailor took the epistle, read it slowly, while the boy watched him keenly, then thrust it under his pillow.

These last three verses are a kind of preface to the following chapter, which is written in the style of an epistle from the king.

Horace combats this prejudice with equal force and address in his fine epistle to Augustus.

This is taken either from Jerome, in his Epistle against Jovinian, lib.

I acquainted Mrs. G. with it in a very polite Epistle, which she has answered by a very polite silence.

When will you send me up the lease for Mrs. Gibbon, who will soon complain of my delay by a thundering Epistle?

No time should be lost, therefore return her Epistle with the aforesaid ostensible letter.

I am told that it was just when I was on the point of leaving that I received your superlative epistle about the cricket eleven.