Epithets [noun]

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Viewers of color can feel safe watching the story without waiting for that moment when our breath is punched from our lungs because of an epithet, an othering action or plot point constructed on historical pain, pain that still runs deep.

In hopes of raising interest in these overlooked wonders, he chose the epithet quarantenae for a new species of microscopic Laboulbenia fungus described July 30 in MycoKeys.

Many of the first connoisseurs, now hesitate whether to apply the epithet greatest to Guarnerius or to Stradiuarius.

When she was unaware of the name she was accustomed to address all males by the epithet "man."

Now it strikes me that there is quite as much tautology in "unsane lunes" as in the double epithet, "dangerous, unsafe."

His character, however, by no means justified the epithet of holy and pious emperor bestowed by Dionysius of Alexandria.

Indeed, they used the epithet son of a goat in the same way as the modern vulgar do an appellation which is much more literal.

We also see whence Chaucer derived his epithet of the cock—'common astrologer'—in Troilus, iii.

I do not understand this epithet; it is usually the crow who is credited with a long life.

Those who attach a high value to original and comprehensive thought will scarcely consider him entitled to such an epithet.