Epitome [noun]

Definition of Epitome:

perfect example

Synonyms of Epitome:

Opposite/Antonyms of Epitome:

Sentence/Example of Epitome:

Then there’s Elizabeth — who is chocolate brown and described as “the epitome of decorum and grace.”

Bezos has become a subject of public fascination and, on the left, public ire as an epitome of America’s billionaire class, especially since rising to the No.

The resume of Atlanta’s Younghoe Koo is the epitome of a winding NFL kicking career.

The house meal, then, is the epitome of comfort food —not in the broad sense, but when and how it actually matters.

To this end they spread a distorted epitome of his favourite views, amongst their retainers.

We have given an epitome of the development of the submarine vessel up to the opening of the twentieth century.

Chaucer refers us to Aleyn's description on account of its unmerciful length; it was hopeless to attempt even an epitome of it.

Your average woman shopping is the epitome of irresolution, or so it seems to the man.

The Epitome of Gemistus Pletho, referred to above, is of great value, and held in the highest estimation by all editors.

It contains the Epitome of Gemistus Pletho of the first ten books, and the whole of the last seven books.