Epitomized [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Epitomized:

We city dwellers think of robins as harbingers of spring, and all that, and they epitomize the bird world.

And what a little thing thus to epitomize the whole hopeless standstill of their circumstances!

Proverbs, indeed, exemplify and epitomize the essentially literary type of thinking and speaking.

Children the world over epitomize in their habits and thoughts the infancy of the human race.

Before adverting to the most serious fact it is as well to epitomize the political action which has created it.

It may be taken to epitomize the saner public opinion of England upon the meaning and lessons of the episode.

After seeing the larger wall-paintings in corridors and refectory, this little gem seems to epitomize his choicest gifts.

There is not room enough in this chapter for that Survey, but I can epitomize a portion of it here.

They epitomize all the thought, passion, and poetry of a nation and of a period.

They epitomize the moral and intellectual life of the artist.