Epochal [adjective]

Definition of Epochal:

irregular, sporadic

Opposite/Antonyms of Epochal:

Sentence/Example of Epochal:

We have big plans to explore other epochal achievements in science in the coming months, both here in the magazine and on our new Century of Science site.

Businesspeople now must struggle to make plans knowing that epochal legislation could be repealed the moment the other party gets a majority, as it someday will.

In the following year of 1871, Goodyear invented his welt shoe-sewing machine and Maddox made his epochal discovery.

That was the second blessing, an epochal experience, unlike anything which preceded, or anything to follow.

The enthusiasm of the entire world was fired by this feat and it is difficult to estimate fully its epochal significance.

We are still too near the events that made it to us an epochal book.

Coronado had made one of the epochal explorations of all history.

In particular his influence permitted an epochal advance in the field of medicine.

Naturally such an epochal event was marked in one way or another in even the most remote corners of the Empire.

Therefore his work is one of the few epochal publications of our time.