Equally [adverb]

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The term has its roots in the ad industry, but the concept applies equally to creative roles in tech and marketing firms.

As vaccines continue to roll out, reports of states simultaneously running out of doses and scrambling to use doses before they expire seem equally common.

The design is similar to single-zone heated blankets, except the heating elements are divided, usually equally between two sides of the blanket.

I love classical equally to folk, idiomatic music, as well as popular music.

Technology can provide solutions, but these intangibles—culture, support, and investment—are equally important.

Haynes’s highly praised 2017 novel, “The Children of Jocasta,” reimagines two Sophocles tragedies, and her most recent myth-based novel, “A Thousand Ships,” is equally provocative.

Thus, it’s equally essential to identify all the popular keywords your target audience might be searching for.

We hope this horrible month is a finite moment, that we’re hitting our absolute bottom—the nadir of two simultaneous disasters, a deadly pandemic and equally deadly cultural divisions.

There is immense folly in thinking that, just because we have important differences, Americans have nothing equally or more important in common.

However, not all masks are equally effective at filtering out the particles that carry the virus.