Equals [noun]

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I will not, therefore, say that the proposition that the value of everything equals the cost of production is false.

The figure value of “sew,” therefore equals or is represented by a cipher .

If those who were his equals would have none of him because of his father's faults, then he would not seek them.

In the curing of tobacco, the Ohio growers have but few equals, and no superiors.

I never can see why I should relieve a maiden of a burden when her avoirdupois equals mine.

Equals, thoroughly solidaric, they would the more successfully serve the Cause of the People.

The head man of the agricultural clan was elected by the free choice of his fellows, his equals in rank and station.

As a trailer McFann had few equals, and he knew every swale in the prairie and every nook in the mountains on the reservation.

Napoleon has confided to us the pains he took to inspire respect in his court, where most of the courtiers had been his equals.

Never did I meet with a nobler spirit; he had few equals, none, whom I knew, superior to him.