Equates [verb]

Definition of Equates:

balance; think of together

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Sentence/Example of Equates:

As people get older, they typically lose muscle mass and gain fat tissue — which equates to a decrease in basal metabolic rate of approximately 1 to 2 percent per decade.

For consumers of art, there really hasn’t ever been a better time—at least, not if you equate quantity with quality, or do not worry overmuch about the workers at the other end of the supply chain.

It’s important to note that fill power does not necessarily equate to warmth.

That equates to about 50 million people, equal—if two doses are needed—to 100 million doses.

Even if uniformity equates to order, that initial state was surely bland and dull.

In fact, one theory of hypnosis equates the hypnotic state as a form of unconscious regression and need for submission.

In the sentence immediately preceding that just quoted he equates the transcendental self with the notion of object in general.