Equatorial [adjective]

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Both of those asteroids have equatorial diameters larger than their polar diameters.

What appear to be good observations show that the equatorial part of its area, at least, still glows from its own heat.

On the equatorial side this air is moving more rapidly than it is on the polar side.

At the same time this descending water drifts along the bottom of the ocean troughs toward the equatorial realm.

Those who do not dwell in the equatorial countries emigrate every autumn, just as your birds do.

It was a full moon, and the glorious golden light of the equatorial night shone through the high trees like a new dawn.

This equatorial form is, moreover, what all the astronomers were expecting.

Equatorial Africa possesses several species of Palm-trees peculiar to it.

In other words, the known world occupied about 240 of the 360 degrees constituting the equatorial length.

Aruwimi, a large river of equatorial Africa, a tributary of the Congo, on the north bank.