Equilibria [noun]

Definition of Equilibria:

balance; evenness

Synonyms of Equilibria:

Opposite/Antonyms of Equilibria:

Sentence/Example of Equilibria:

Go back to the basic ground-school diagram of the four forces—lift, weight, thrust and drag—that must be in equilibrium.

As the beads cooled, they weren’t in thermal equilibrium, meaning their locations in the potential energy landscape weren’t distributed in a manner that would allow a single temperature to describe them.

The first involves a basic blueprint strategy for the whole game, allowing it to reach a much faster equilibrium than its predecessor.

They believe that markets work best when supply and demand are allowed to find a natural equilibrium, with price acting as the referee.

So this sort of puts the onus on policymakers and funding agencies, and a sense of saying we need to change the equilibrium.

Industrial society is therefore mobile, elastic, standing at any moment in a temporary and unstable equilibrium.

But the balanced forces once displaced would be seen constantly to come to an equilibrium at a new point.

It is a very simple plan, and will be perfectly tight; it is by restoring an equilibrium on both sides of the piston.

Michael, for sudden joy and excitement, was wellnigh thrown from his equilibrium.

The equilibrium valve is unchanged, except that the rack is taken out and a link put in.