Equipments [noun]

Definition of Equipments:

supplies, gear for activity

Opposite/Antonyms of Equipments:


Sentence/Example of Equipments:

Like many countries around the world, Brazil has steadily been increasing both the amount of, and use of, surveillance equipment.

I parked at the far end of the valley as usual, pulled up all the traps, cleaned them in the stream, and packed the last of the equipment into the van.

Drone-mounted equipment measured heat and radiation differences in the ground to detect buried structures.

For this year’s trip, with six people for five nights, I took six tubs, with the upper half of the second food pack reserved for bulkier equipment, like a big cooking pot.

PG&E, which filed for bankruptcy last year after its equipment sparked deadly wildfires, warned the precautionary shutoffs could impact portions of 22 counties from late Monday through Wednesday, including in the Sierra foothills and North Bay.

Collection does not require trained staff or personal protective equipment, can be done outside testing centers, and may be better tolerated in challenging or pediatric populations.

Cal Fire drove up in a pickup truck with no equipment—they were just there to tell us to leave.

Anti-riot equipment was brought into the country’s capital before the election.

Still, Amazon laid out $4 billion in “covid-19” related costs, such as purchasing personal protective equipment and paying out bonuses to its front-line employees and delivery workers.

Although a capable specialist, as regards general culture and intelligence Ilia Petrovich had only a mediocre equipment.