Equipped [adjective]

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Volvo announced in May that it will start producing vehicles in 2022 that are equipped with lidar and a perception stack from Luminar that the automaker will use to deploy an automated driving system for highways.

The University of Maryland, which had spent months equipping its lab in Baltimore to process coronavirus tests, abandoned the replacement South Korean tests this fall after a spate of suspected false positives.

With this system, I took my in-laws on their first backpacking trip in the summer of 2014 and kept everyone in our seven-person group hydrated and equipped with cooking water with very little effort on my part.

Certainly the Awotona back then would’ve been ill-equipped to handle scaling Calendly.

“We think in three to five years, every new scooter out there is going to be equipped with a camera,” Furlong said.

Thirty top prospects were gifted hats for all 30 teams and equipped with a phone, tablet, light, and pair of headphones to help capture their live reactions and interviews.

“We liked the reference to an aquatic hero with something sticking out of its head, equipped to fend off assailants,” says an explanation on the newly created website for the mask.

An isolation room is equipped with long tables and plastic dividers for those with symptoms.

The Ozone Project was built partly as a response to the GDPR and partly as an “alliance” intended to equip publishers to compete with big tech platforms on a more equal footing.

It meant putting procedures in place to protect the workers who were still on duty, equipping them with hand sanitizer, masks, and plexiglass.