Equivocating [verb]

Definition of Equivocating:

avoid an issue

Opposite/Antonyms of Equivocating:

Sentence/Example of Equivocating:

"I won't equivocate," responded the head of the Falkins family with blunt directness.

At all events, for some reason, the ex-Attorney-General was afraid to accept this opportunity to equivocate.

I do not equivocate when I say that love is instinctive, and that the latter-day expression of love is artificial.

When one thus remains in the clouds, he need not fear to equivocate.

But her stainless heart was too proud in virtue to palter and equivocate with circumstances.

Mr. North did not equivocate; he never lied when the truth would answer the purpose equally well.

No real business man will take advantage of a customer's ignorance, nor equivocate nor misrepresent.

Beaten in the open field, the church began to equivocate, to evade, and to give new meanings to inspired words.

"A woman who could do such a deed would be the last to thrill, equivocate, and faint," I retorted.

It has been said the name was given that topers might equivocate and say that they “frequently go to church.”