Eradicated [verb]

Definition of Eradicated:

destroy; remove

Synonyms of Eradicated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eradicated:

Sentence/Example of Eradicated:

The taint was too inveterate to be eradicated; the evil was immedicable; Rome was already effete and moribund.

And the habit of seeking parental counsel, once formed, is not easily eradicated.

The Spanish War had done more than give straps to a lot of civilians with pulls; it had eradicated the dry-rot from the Army.

It is of temporary duration, and usually clears up when the symptoms of rickets have been eradicated.

We are sorry to witness any revival of the old spirit; but, in this world, unholy passions cannot be totally eradicated.

As to the people of the ship, their hearts were almost eradicated; but the blacks thought nothing of the event.

In desperation, the overloaded mind erased the figures, eradicated the knowledge, erased itself.

The poison of Frebonianism was never quite eradicated, and made itself manifest from time to time in various wild disorders.

Literally "bush of fines" (fines imposed on landowners where the burr weed was not eradicated).

But unbounded power proceeds step by step, until it has eradicated every laudable principle.