Eradicating [verb]

Definition of Eradicating:

destroy; remove

Synonyms of Eradicating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eradicating:

Sentence/Example of Eradicating:

But for the English we probably would not have known the means of eradicating malaria; the death rate would have been great.

How long it will be before they succeed in eradicating these separate nationalities, I cannot pretend to say.

We have used this excellent and praiseworthy method for generations, but it has never been found capable of eradicating the evil.

In the practice of exorcism, for the purpose of eradicating the evil property of werwolfery, all manner of methods are employed.

The work of eradicating crimes is not by making punishment familiar, but formidable.

They toil (at ridiculously low salaries) in the avowed hope of eradicating diseases.

My special desire is to enlist general aid in eradicating deterrents to growth, and in the acceleration of progress.

And what wouldn't four or five months' association with such do in the way of eradicating incipient Bolshevism?

And we hope—all of us—that, with time and patience, we may succeed in eradicating the natural results of your bringing-up.

Here was selfishness supremely triumphant, beating down and eradicating in a moment every nobler instinct of humanity.