Eradication [noun]

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The only disease ever successfully eradicated from the globe, smallpox, was wiped out with shots of a live virus.

In a June 10 review article in Ear, Nose & Throat Journal, researchers describe evidence that suggests a dilute solution called povidone-iodine might safely eradicate SARS-CoV-2 in the nasal cavity and throat.

Fineberg says many of the vaccines that have attracted opposition in the past were for diseases that had been all but eradicated, leading to a sense of complacency, whereas the coronavirus is a near and present danger.

At the same time, we’re carefully resisting the rush to eradicate traditional care models outright.

So we still had a deficit, but it was well under control, and now it’s been virtually eradicated.

Christianity nowhere enjoins the eradication of passions and appetites, but the control of them.

He remembered in that moment of crisis, the distressing propensity of his prisoner to the "eradication of garments."

“I hope you are not deeply agitated over the eradication of womanliness,” Madeline remonstrated.

That this vastly increases the difficulty of concerted action looking toward the eradication of crime, is apparent.

As "perfect love casteth out fear," so does the eradication of fear insure the wooing of perfect love.