Erased [verb]

Definition of Erased:

remove; rub out

Synonyms of Erased:

Opposite/Antonyms of Erased:

Sentence/Example of Erased:

So now, as she regarded her mother, a loving smile erased the frown from Grace's forehead.

It is now illegible, and some of its lines appear to have been carefully erased—by some High Church chisel, probably.

This owes its name to the fact of its having contained the word, Sheitan—now in every instance carefully erased.

He is like a slate from which all the writing has been erased.

It has, however, erased the external signs which formerly distinguished the members of one race from those of another.

The declaration by which the military petitioners had been voted public enemies was recalled, and erased from the journal book.

I closed and locked the door, and erased the finger-marks from the plaster in the wardrobe-closet.

These last words were, after some consideration, erased, and the phrase "in the interest of France" was substituted for them.

After this Pascal had written, but erased the words "which of the two is most to be blamed, Moses or China?"

Half of each of the original top strokes and the third stroke under "Louis" being erased, but the dot left.