Erasing [verb]

Definition of Erasing:

remove; rub out

Synonyms of Erasing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Erasing:

Sentence/Example of Erasing:

Milestone moments like graduation and homecoming have been erased.

One looming change is the death of the third party cookie, which threatens to erase everything brands thought they knew about harnessing data.

Once barely touched, rural communities were experiencing multiple outbreaks, fueling a more than fivefold spike in infections that erased the racial gap seen until that point in the pandemic.

The 26-minute documentary introducing the groundless theory went viral on Facebook in the spring before the company moved to erase it from its platform.

This lets you erase parts of the second layer while still seeing how it will line up with what’s behind it.

Then they begin to erase the identity of the place to plant their own kind of identity.

It won’t, though, erase some of the societal problems that have come into focus in the past year—and, some experts warn, it could intensify them.

Infinite digital conference rooms will allow you to have a space for each working group where all your project materials and meeting notes are always available, and no one but you ever erases your whiteboard.

The first postseason victory of Jackson’s NFL career came as he and the Ravens erased an early deficit and beat the Tennessee Titans, 20-13, in a first-round AFC playoff encounter in Nashville.

For many of us, nine months spent quarantining at home has completely erased the elaborate routines and habits we had carefully constructed in the Before Times.