Erasures [noun]

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While the erasure of borders may be laudable, nothing we know about the workings of the human mind suggests it is a realistic vision.

You want to say that the erasure by wildfire was ironic, but from a better angle it seems like a perfect last piece found and inserted into Lopez’s own cosmic puzzle.

Altogether, we investigate how ancestry informs what they do and how they do it, as well as how we might eradicate cultural erasure in chocolate making, creating visibility and opportunity for more diversity.

In her memoir “My Autobiography of Carson McCullers,” her first book, writer Jenn Shapland explores erasure and identity.

The French attorney general demanded the erasure of his name from the list of magistrates, but this the court refused.

For answer she bent over her typewriter and began to make an erasure.

Bruslart (ubi supra, i. 136) denies that the erasure was actually made as Charles had commanded.

This thin paste of wax was also spread on tablets of wood, that it might more easily admit of erasure.

Consequently the action of the iodine differs according to the extent of the erasure.

The fragments following -ka do not give a sure clue as to what the signs were before the erasure.