Erected [adjective]

Definition of Erected:

stood on end

Synonyms of Erected:

Opposite/Antonyms of Erected:

Sentence/Example of Erected:

Opposition is building against San Diego’s dream of erecting a $5 billion pipeline to the Colorado River in the name of resource independence.

Publishers will encourage users to opt-in through engaging content and other special access, while other publishers will erect paywalls.

Haunted by Russia’s brazen effort to meddle in the last election, federal and state officials have erected what they believe are formidable barriers to thwart cyber-attacks ahead of Tuesday’s presidential vote.

Grocery stores, salons, restaurants, nursing homes, and even offices across the country have newfound use for plexiglass, erecting transparent barriers between groups of people as a preventative measure against the coronavirus.

However, the optics of erecting the enclosures to distance wealthy diners from homeless people in the neighborhood did not sit well with many advocates in the city.

Close to the wagon in which our hero lay the natives had erected a temporary hut of grass, about six feet high.

A vast number are now being erected, and no other engine is erected where these are known.

I have erected above 100 steam-engines on this principle, but never met with one accident or complaint against them.

The last engine I erected was about three weeks since, for a farmer that kept four horses and two drivers.

In the spring of the following year a somewhat similar engine was erected in London.