Erecting [verb]

Definition of Erecting:

build; establish

Synonyms of Erecting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Erecting:

Sentence/Example of Erecting:

By 1941 college presidents and administrators had erected a lucrative arrangement focused on football.

There, the Peruvian government is spending millions of dollars to preserve the city’s drainage systems while installing roof coverings and erecting protective scaffolding.

Other times, the shots lessen the chance of infection, but don’t completely eliminate it because influenza viruses mutate quickly and can slip by immune defenses erected by even well-matched vaccines.

The state can issue fines of up to $15,000 a day to property owners who erect illegal shoreline structures.

Astronomers could use the infrastructure to hold conferences, for instance, or they could erect a small array of radio dishes that could at least partially fill the hole left by the fallen giant.

I agree that if everyone decided to erect a metal masterpiece on inaccessible public lands, we’d have a problem.

This he did, erecting at the harbor a beautiful cross bearing the arms of France.

Every engine that was erecting is stopped, and the whole county thinks of no other engine.

She knew there would be plenty of rope in the Norwood barn or the garage for their need in erecting the aerials.

They laid out the work for the next morning, but did nothing practical toward erecting the wires and attendant parts that day.