Erection [noun]

Definition of Erection:

production of processed goods

Synonyms of Erection:

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Sentence/Example of Erection:

Between showing and growing, erections and not, it’s rarely the same size.

A number of the articles were used in the erection of Edgbaston Vestry Hall, where the curious may inspect them if so inclined.

The cost of erection and the consumption of coal are not above one-third of a Boulton and Watt's, to perform the same work.

In fact, she was placed in a room—or rather an erection of three storeys or rooms—of stout lattice-work in a turret of the castle.

But more characteristic than the erection of altars is the connection of deities with special localities.

An oracle said that he would not succeed in its erection before a man voluntarily offered himself as a sacrifice.

That the building was large we may feel sure; the cost of its erection indicates as much.

On entering the Superintendent's office, I found there the American engineer who superintended the erection of the plant.

These men agreed to form with the Burbages a syndicate to finance the erection of a new playhouse.

Cousin Giles arched the greater part of the inside, but he did not disdain to make use of some timber to strengthen his erection.