Erodes [verb]

Definition of Erodes:

deteriorate; wear away

Synonyms of Erodes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Erodes:

Sentence/Example of Erodes:

The rate at which a stream erodes its bed depends in part upon the nature of the rocks over which it flows.

Running water dissolves and erodes away the earthy materials with which it comes in contact.

It erodes the guns much less than any European powder except, possibly, that of the Germans.

A glacier erodes its bed and banks in two ways,—by abrasion and by plucking.

The flood scours the bed of the river, erodes its banks, and threatens to find a way amongst the estates.

This type of formation erodes rapidly and is the basis of much of the poor alluvial lowland soil.

Serpentine rock erodes slowly and produces clays of little agricultural value.

A river saws its channel vertically downwards, and a swift stream erodes chiefly at the bottom.