Erosive [adjective]

Definition of Erosive:

having acidic, corrosive properties

Synonyms of Erosive:

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Sentence/Example of Erosive:

Vast portions of the mountain have already been carried away by the erosive forces of ice and running water.

They often occur in cavities which have been formed by the erosive action of acidulated water, in the way described in pars.

These secondary domes have been eaten away by erosive agencies in varying degrees.

The mesas of Arizona, the earth sculpture of the Grand Canyon remain as monuments to the erosive forces which produced them.

The erosive energy of the latter was diffused over a wide field of sunken, boulder-like domes and ridges.

We may infer from this instance how slight is the erosive power of clear water on hard rock.

Its distinctly geological work is partly erosive and partly reproductive.

Valleys have in general been hollowed out by the greater erosive action of running water along the channels of drainage.

The carrying and erosive powers of a river depend on the rapidity of its currents.

Like running water, ice may have considerable erosive power when it is properly supplied with tools.