Erotic [adjective]

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A movie, with the same name, of her 1957 psychological erotic thriller “Deep Water,” starring Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas will be released in August.

Lily Pendleton was known to have once essayed an erotic novel, and had read a few chapters to some of her closer friends.

He handed Andrea the rare volume, which was illustrated with erotic vignettes.

Even jealousy, which is often regarded as characteristic of the erotic sentiments, does not necessarily possess a sexual basis.

Ribbing87 contends that we must regard it as abnormal when a boy of thirteen or fourteen is obsessed (hanté) by erotic ideas.

In the English erotic literature, it is remarkable how often and how fully the flagellation of children is described.

It is quite impossible to isolate children from every intimation of the erotic or the sexual.

Now Wilde and Strauss have simply drawn an erotic and half-deranged Oriental woman as they imagine she may have been.

Compared with this lordly poem, the erotic novel of the day, with its prurient platitudes, is as a satyr to Hyperion.

The erotic in American fiction is a recent and exotic growth, not native to the soil.